IOS App Development

“If you’re strategy is coasting, you’re either losing WebsVento or else you’re headed downhill.”

IOS App Development

When designing apps for the iOS platform employed by Apple's mobile devices, it is important to have an experienced and well-rounded team. WebsVento has a blend of interface designers, software developers and quality assessment testers to ensure that your final product is the best it can possibly be as you take it to market.

IOS App Development Process

WebsVento project managers work with you, mapping out the various wireframes, functionality and intended usage scenarios. It is important that you see the entire process, and how users might navigate through the IOS application prior to actual programming. This allows for revisions and adjustments to the workflow, without costly changes to the code. The end result, a better thought out IOS application that costs you less to develop.

Submitting an IOS App to the App Store

When your app is completed and ready for sale or distribution, your WebsVento project manager will help you through the next steps of submitting your new IOS app to the iTunes App Store. This is an exciting time, and we want to make sure you get the best possible start right out of the gate.

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